Demo Content Installation

Hi our customer, 

Importing the demo data is the easiest way to setup your theme. It will allow you to quickly edit everything instead of creating content from scratch. In most of our themes, you can install the whole demo content through the “Import Demo Data”.

with each our theme, we have support 2 ways to you can import demo data. this is One-click Importer and Importing manually.

How to import demo data by One click

This is way simple, easy and quickly to you can import demo data because you only need perform it by One Click.

 You can see video instruction in here: 

Or You can perform follow instruction follows:

First of all, you must install all the required plugins after theme activation. Once all your plugins are installed, You go to  Install Demo on the Tools menu: 

Then You select a demo and  click the “Import” button. it can take a few minutes to import everything. Please be patient and wait for it to complete

Finally, After the importation is finished, you click Save Changes and you are done.

NOTE: in few case, your site can import all image of theme, you can perform import image again by ways: 

1.  Go to Regen Thumbnails tab on the Tools in Dashboards 

2.  You choose ‘Regenerate All Thumbnails’ and wait until the process completed.

 SO You will get all the content on this preview site.

How to import demo data by  Importing manually

If you want to import the demo data manually, or You don't see the “one-click import” feature (yet), you can import the demo content the old fashion way using the WordPress Importer tool.

The steps to you can import demo data: 


Import Posttype

Before you import posttype of our theme for your site, You need import all content in file taxonomies.json before. 

1. Go to Tools on the CPT UI menu -> click to "taxonomies" tab

2. You open file: 

wp-content\themes\wp-hosthubs\inc\demo-data\hosthubs > taxonomies.json .

3. You can copy all content in file taxonomies.json and paste in here like image below.

4. Go to Tools on the CPT UI menu -> click to "posttype" tab  then You copy all content in file post-type.json  (link: 

wp-content\themes\wp-hosthubs\inc\demo-data\hosthubs > post-type.json .) and paste in here



Step2:  Import file XML

1. You need go to Plugin in Dashboard and perform deactivate plugin EF3 Import And Export.

2. In your admin panel, Go to Tools -> click "Import" -> choose the  WordPress options: 

(https://codex.wordpress.org/Tools_Import_Screen )

3. You need upload  two files with the path below:

- wp-hosthubs\inc\demo-data\hosthubs\content > attachment-data.xml

- wp-hosthubs\inc\demo-data\hosthubs\content> content-data.xml

Step 3:  Import Slider

1. Go to Revolution Slider -> navigate to"Slider Revolution' tab -> click to "Import slider"

2. Import all slider in path to your site: the path wp-hosthubs\inc\demo-data\hosthubs\revslider

Step 4: Import all option for Theme option

On theme activation, all customizer mods are automatically set just like the demo. But if for some reason, you need to reset them, or if your theme includes different demos with different customizer mod sets, you

may want to import them. To do so: 

1. Go to WP-Hosthubs on the Appearance menu

2. Navigate to the "Import from File " 

3.  Open file options.json on the the path: hosthubs\wp-content\themes\wp-hosthubs\inc\demo-data\hosthubs > options.json

4. Copy all content of options.json file and then paste it into text area.

Step 5: Import Widgets

To import the widgets settings, you need: 

1. Install and active plugin “Widget Importer & Exporter”: https://wordpress.org/plugins/widget-importer-exporter/

2. In your admin panel, go to “Tools” > “Widget Importer & Exporter”:

3. Select the widgets.wie file in wp-content\themes\wp-hosthubs\inc\demo-data\hosthubs > widgets.wie .

So All process import demo data by manual importing is complete. You can view your site in Front-end. 

Thank you so much!